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tourism training

Friendly, fun and interactive tourism training and coaching is our specialty.


We love to engage with tourism newbies who need a crash course in tourism and how the industry works, current tourism industry research and future trends and cultural awareness training for customer-centric teams. 


For the tourism industry pedigree, we can train teams or individuals that want to keep a finger on the pulse of future tourism trends to stimulate ideation and discovery as well as become export-ready to continue the journey from domestic to international readiness. 


These sessions can be delivered one-on-one, in a team group scenario or presented to a larger audience. We can tailor the sessions to the brief and budget.  


We have prepared training topics for you to select or we can create bespoke training programs to meet your requirements or challenge. 

Some of the prepared training topics include; 

  • Tourism is Everyone's Business - How the Tourism industry works 

  • Current tourism research and global trends 

  • Cultural awareness training

  • Best Practice Visitor Service training 

  • Chinese Marketing 101

  • Becoming Export Ready 


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